Safe Haven Stories


Our Maya is strong, smart, brave, kind, fun-loving, and beautiful! She has added so much joy to our family and everyone she touches.  She is truly a gift, and we couldn’t be happier to help her grow and learn.

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I received a call in my office at work at 12 PM one summer day from my adoption agency.  They had a “Safe Haven” baby, a little boy, and I had an hour to decide if I could keep him.  I had a 3 year old foster boy at the time (who has since been adopted as well) and I knew he wanted a sibling, so he would be thrilled with the prospect of increasing our family.  I called family, friends and daycare, and within 1 hour I had said yes to the baby, who we now know was the 75th baby saved by the Safe Haven Law.  We named him Jackson!

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13-1/2 years ago I received a phone call that I’ll never forget!  Our adoption agency called to let us know a baby had been relinquished at a Police Department by a woman who handed her baby to staff members there.  We were next on our agency’s list and if we wanted this baby then it was ours.  I was so excited, I didn’t even think to ask any questions!  I didn’t even know the sex of the baby, I just knew we really wanted and were ready for this baby.  At that time we knew nothing about the Safe Haven law.

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It all started with an unexpected phone that call my husband received early one morning before anyone else was in the office.  He jumped around the office celebrating and no one was there to witness his pure joy!  Our adoption agency asked if we were interested in adopting a healthy baby girl that was surrendered through the Safe Haven law. Of course, we said YES!
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God’s Timing is Always Perfect. The nurse we met on the first day said the most wonderful thing as this itty-bitty baby was placed in my arms. “Just be here in this moment, with this baby and trust that God led you to her for a reason. Don’t think. Just sit here, love her, cuddle her and be here for her.” I cry now remembering this as it was just that simple. God led us to be the caregivers for her and no matter what the outcome would be, our job was to be there and show her love.

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While busy enjoying our two beautiful young daughters, we made the decision to build our family through adoption for a second time. The wait was long and trying, but we were elated when we received an unexpected call for a placement.  It was so natural welcoming our new daughter, Riley, into our hearts and family two days after the life changing call.  

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Baby Zoe – Safe Haven Baby #105

We waited a very long time to be parents. Right before we were about to give up we received a phone call from our adoption agency saying that there was a baby girl who needed a home. She was left anonymously at a hospital… Read Full Story

Baby Trinity – Safe Haven Baby #100

Though the technical term is “abandoned”, that is never what we felt happened to our daughter, Trinity. Her birth mom didn’t know she was pregnant. She gave birth to her at home, cut and tied the umbilical cord, cleaned her off and tried to feed her twice before she brought her to the fire department.  There, with tear filled eyes, she lovingly handed her over stating, “I didn’t know I was pregnant. I can’t care for a baby.”  Read Full Story

Baby Luke – Safe Haven Baby #84

On a rainy day when I was away on business, my life changed dramatically with one text from my wife. She was trying to reach me to tell me our adoption agency had a possible placement for us. Read Full Story

We are forever grateful for the law that made us a family

The Illinois safe haven law works. My partner and I are the parents of a beautiful son because one brave mother was aware of the law and legally relinquished him at a safe haven. Some have disparaged our son’s birth mother for her actions, but I wonder whether those people…  Read Full Story

To date, more than 3600 infants have been safely surrendered to Safe Havens nationally.

Please help us continue our passion, commitment and dedication to spreading awareness of Safe Haven laws.