Early one morning, at the beginning of April, Dan and Mike received a phone call that would change their lives forever! A newly born little girl was surrendered via the Safe Haven law, ready to begin her adoption journey with them, if they were willing. Filled with joy, they said YES!

How much does she weigh? What does she look like? Is she being held? Who is feeding her? Is she warm? These, and many more questions would run through our minds over the next two days as we prepared to bring home the most amazing gift we would ever receive.  Just over 48 hours later, as new fathers to be, we were picking up our less than three-day old daughter, Emily Ruth.

Excited and scared, we were ready for one of the most amazing experiences in our lives – to become fathers and to raise a child! From the very moment Emily was placed in our arms, the only thing that mattered was to create a loving, safe environment where her needs came first.  Our connection to Emily was instant! We were holding our daughter and the three of us were meant to be a family.  

Looking back at the first three years of Emily’s life and all the joy our daughter has brought to us, we know this was all made possible because of one selfless woman, who not only carried her to term, but made the decision to surrender her newly born little girl by using Illinois’ Safe Haven law.

When asked what we think Emily’s birth mother was like, we believe she was a strong, loving individual willing to put her newborn baby’s needs before her own.  From the time Emily was brought out of the hospital waiting room and into our arms and until now, she has continued to smile and laugh.

The Safe Haven law has been a blessing to us; affording us the ability to not only start a family, but connect us with the greatest experience of our lives.   We can not image how different our lives would be without Emily if it were not for this amazing law!


As of 2017, 3317 infants have been safely surrendered to Safe Havens nationally.

Please help us continue our passion, commitment and dedication to spreading awareness of Safe Haven laws.