While busy enjoying our two beautiful young daughters, we made the decision to build our family through adoption for a second time. The wait was long and trying, but we were elated when we received an unexpected call for a placement.  It was so natural welcoming our new daughter, Riley, into our hearts and family two days after the life changing call.  

In the midst of our excitement over a new daughter, Riley had a story of her own.  She was surrendered, legally and anonymously, at a hospital.  Riley’s birth mother used the Safe Haven Law and left her unharmed baby in the caring hands of hospital staff.  After being relinquished, Riley needed a forever family.  The agency we were working with was contacted to find that adoptive family and we were grateful to be chosen to be Riley’s forever family.  Every day we feel so blessed to have Riley in our lives.  She is a happy, active, affectionate, bright little girl who makes our family complete!  We can’t imagine the circumstances of the birth mother which led to her decision to relinquish her child.  But we will be forever thankful to her for making a lifesaving decision for her child, as it has changed our lives and family forever!  

Cheryl and Shawn (Safe Haven Family)



To date, more than 4,000 infants have been safely surrendered to Safe Havens nationally.

Please help us continue our passion, commitment and dedication to spreading awareness of Safe Haven laws.