Local couple hopes more education about Safe Haven Law will save others

In March, a student at the University of Illinois Campaign-Urbana gave birth in a dorm room bathroom and has since been charged with the newborn's death. Now, a local couple hopes more education about Illinois' Safe Haven Law will prevent  more senseless tragedies like this one. Lori and Lesley Millar-Nicholson spent years waiting to adopt a child.  Shortly after a failed adoption, their adoption agency called to tell them that a newborn baby girl had been safely and anonymously relinquishBlue Safe Haven Lawed by a woman using Illinois' Safe Haven Law.  Their daughter, Aidan Jane is one of more than 110 children whose lives have been dramatically changed by the law. Lori, Lesley and Aidan Jane spoke to Steffie Drucker, with UI7 Newsbreak, in the hopes that getting more information out about Illinois' Safe Haven Law will save more lives. The Illinois Safe Haven Law allows a person the ability to relinquish their newborn, 30 days old or younger, to staff at a hospital, police station or firehouse.  No questions will be asked and there is no fear of prosecution so long as the child is unharmed. Lesley reflects on Aidan Jane joining their family 8 years ago and says, "Believe me, Aidan Jane has changed our lives in ways we never could have imagined when we thought about adopting." By: Steffie Drucker, UI7 Newsbreak May 5,2016 A link to the original video can be found by clicking here.  

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