‘Safe Haven’ Baby, Now 10 And Thriving, Retraces Her First Steps

"Baby Sunday" was born 10 years ago in the emergency room of West Suburban Medical Center.  Her birth mother immediately handed her over to hospital staff under the Illinois Safe Haven Law. She wasn't unwanted for long! On Wednesday, this beautifuAidan Jane visit to hospitall girl, now known as Aidan Jane “A.J.” Millar-Nicholson, visited the hospital where she was relinquished.   When the nurse who cared for her, Vilma Duran, saw A.J., she broke into a happy dance. “She’s so beautiful,” Duran said. “I’m so glad to see her again.” A.J. smiled continuously as she, Duran and her adoptive parents, Lesley and Lori Millar-Nicholson toured the hospital nursery and met with reporters. A few years ago, they had tried to visit West Suburban with A.J. but decided against going in.   This time, after returning to Illinois from their new home in Massachusetts, they arranged the visit in advance with the help of Dawn Geras of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation.  Dawn said the Millar-Nicholson family has been instrumental in their efforts to promote the Safe Haven Law to women in crisis who decide they cannot keep their newborn child. Since Illinois' Safe Haven Law was enacted 16 years ago, 120 babies have been legally abandoned.  Geras said that these babies have been adopted safely.  Sadly, however, during that same time, 81 other children were illegally and unsafely abandoned with 42 of those dying. A.J. was presented with an outfit for a doll she cradled in her lap, a water bottle, and other gifts from the staff at West Suburban.   By: Lauren Victory, CBS 2 News 10/04/2017 6:33 PM A link to the original article can be found by clicking here.

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