As an all-volunteer organization, Save Abandoned Babies Foundation depends on the dedication of many volunteers. We are currently in need of volunteers who can help in these areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Financial Planning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Grant Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Events & Logistics

Please complete our volunteer interest form if you are interested in learning more about these volunteer opportunities.


  • Tell your family, friends, and community about the law and our organization
  • Write a “Letter to the Editor” or ask a newspaper columnist to write about the law
  • Do a brochure/poster campaign in your community (Ask places like movie theaters, shopping malls, bars, and public transportation providers to participate by displaying posters in their bathrooms, on buses, etc.)
  • Contact a celebrity to help. Different states have different safe haven laws, so find out who will be traveling in Illinois and see how you can work together
  • Hold a fundraiser to raise money for the cause while raising awareness
  • For parties, in lieu of gifts, ask for donations to SAB
  • Set up distribution sites throughout your community for pamphlets and flyers
  • Staff a table or booth at a community, school, or health fair
  • Post information about the law on your website or social media pages
  • Offer to teach a class about the law at a local school
  • Use your contacts; recruit their help
  • “Like” our Facebook page
  • Donate!


  • Get your school to put information on their website
  • Hold a safe haven awareness campaign at school. Gauge the campaign’s effectiveness by measuring before and after awareness levels. Document your findings and determine how to improve the campaign in the future. Ask marketing, political science, and health and child service students and professors for help as needed. Get permission before putting up posters, erecting a booth, etc.
  • Do a report or class project about the law
  • Get on-campus clubs and organizations involved. Find out how you can make safe haven awareness part of upcoming events (everything from health fairs and new student orientations, to concerts, dances and family reunions)
  • Hold an Safe Haven Pep Rally or competition like “Extreme Telephone” where the message being passed is information about the law
  • Get permission to cover your school in flyers, write in chalk on the sidewalks, paint the windows
  • Get an educator packet for the faculty and let them know that law mandates they teach about the law in Health Ed classes for grades 6 – 12


  • Post an announcement on your company website and/or newsletter
  • Start an employee giving program with the business offering to match the amount raised
  • Include a blurb about the law on receipts, order forms, or catalogs
  • Who prints your decals for cars, benches, dumpsters? Ask them to make a product donation to Save Abandoned Babies

Need Help? Questions? Comments?

  • Call our help line 24 hours a day for confidential information, 1-888-510-BABY.
  • Call the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, 1-312-440-0229 (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Email: info@SaveAbandonedBabies.org
55 E Erie St #2905
Chicago, IL 60611-2255

Phone: (312) 440-0229