Fire Station Protocol

Fire Station ProtocolFire Dept. picture

The Abandoned Infant Newborn Protection Act requires that every fire station must accept a relinquished newborn infant in accordance with the law. After the relinquishment of a newborn infant, fire station personnel must arrange for the transportation of the infant to the nearest hospital. A criminal investigation may not be initiated solely because a newborn infant is relinquished pursuant to this Act unless there is evidence that the child is not 30 days old or less, or if there is evidence of abuse or child neglect. Upon receiving a newborn infant, personnel should make a physical appraisal of the condition of the infant and if any signs of abuse or neglect are noted, the relinquishing person should be held until an investigation can be completed.  A detailed example of a fire department protocol can be found by clicking here.

Important Documents needed in the case of a relinquishment:

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